Vineyard Seasons

We start pruning at the end of winter in the early part of the new year.  This process is usually at its peak in February.  All the old wood is removed from the vineyard and either chipped and composted or made into biochar.

We use a double cordon style which is quite lovely with two arms extended and the new growth rising like a candelabra.

The vines are the last fruit variety to break dormancy and usually start budding out in April.

Fruit set is shortly thereafter with tiny, tiny flowers which self pollinate and form little nascent kernels the size of a grape seed in a recognizable grape bunch.  Each of these bunched kernels slowly grows into a grape, at first hard and green and later ripening into September.

July Fruit Set

September Veraison of L’Acadie Blanc

September Veraison of Pinot Noir

Our goat herd provides the raw goat milk for our vineyard/grape vine spray.  Raw milk contains wonderful antiseptic properties and enzymes that act as fungal control and give foliar nutrition to the plant.  We do the same for our pasture and hayfields with no petrochemical fertilizers or inputs added to our land.