Salish Sea Marine Trail

Salish Sea Marine Trail

Lasqueti Island offers a perfect waypoint or launchpoint for your kayaking adventures.  The new Salish Sea Marine Trail offers a connected marine trail route for paddle sport enthusiasts.  The 257 KM Marine Trail will offer a network of amenities, recreation areas, launch points, and access to local businesses for paddlers and other self-propelled watercraft.  Make a stop over at Point 22 and paddle around Lasqueti Island.

Circumnavigating Lasqueti Island has always been a highlight for kayakers, with stops in the String of Pearls and Jedediah Marine Provincial Park.  Jedediah Island Marine Provincial Park is an island, off Lasqueti Island, that is 243 hectares in size.  Various options are available including a stop mid-way with pull out opportunity at the Lasqueti Island Ramp, and transportation and stay at Elderberry Lane Farm & Vineyard.  You can also bring your kayak to Lasqueti Island on the Lasqueti Island Ferry.

While you are staying with us enjoy the easily accessed North West Side of Lasqueti Island paddling in the Sabine Channel Marine Park’s Finnerty Islands and Fegan Islets.  These remote little islands are close at hand yet offer pristine solitude including springtime dressed wildflower bluffs of Sea Blush, Blue Eyed Mary and Nodding Onions.

All areas around Lasqueti Island’s perimeter are remote, rugged and therefore suitable only for experienced and properly equipped ocean kayakers.

Sabine Channel Lasqueti Island Marine Park Sites

Sabine Channel Marine Park Site 1

Sabine Channel Marine Park Site 2