Adjacent 320 Acres Ocean Front Crown Land accessible by walking trails.

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Elderberry Lane Farm & Vineyard

The main farm and vineyard is for sale in 2018.  Click here to read more about the farm.


Farm House in Autumn

Winery Building – Upper South Studio

Farm Waterways








Farmhouse Tasting Bar


Farmhouse Master Bedroom

Upstairs Farmhouse












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Lot A – Farm Lot

Has hayfield/animal pasture with year round animal watering dug out.  High sunny building site with pond and micro-hydro dam in place.  Valley gorge with natural marshland at the bottom.  Excellent potential for market gardening, blue berries, little goat farm.  Pictures below show (1) our cows on this lot enjoying the grass (2) the pond next to building site (3) farm road trail below the building site that accesses gorge and leads to the lower marsh and crown land.  There is a lovely mixture of agrarian and wild areas on this lot.







Lot B – Highest View

Has high sunny building site, dug pond with area suitable for garden, gravelly benches for grape vines or orchard.  SW Ocean view peek (45 degree between valleys across to Vancouver Island).  Selective fir trees on this lot below the view would need to be taken out to open the view (presently ocean can be seen between the fir and arbutus).  Lovely broad leaf maple trees on this lot.  Pictures below show (1) mature Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir trees and (2) trail past Broad Leaf Maple that goes to the high point ocean view spot.



Lot C – Secluded with Jenkins Creek Meandering Through

This lot has a high sunny building site at the end of the secluded drive in, dug pond with suitable area for garden, Salal Berry bushes forming benches with arable potential.  Lovely eastern gorge drops down into Jenkins Valley with your own private creek.  Beautiful clear water runs under virgin Cedars, incredible meditative walk.  Easiest access to crown land hiking trails.

Pictures below show (1) roughed in driveway to building lot through cedars and bordering Crown Land, (2) dug pond, (3) cedars and forest floor.

Pictures below show (1) gravelly bed of Jenkins Creek with mossy fallen log across and Cedars behind, (2) mature Cedar, (3) magical Jenkins Creek flowing under roots of mature Western Red Cedar – area is completely private and within the property.


Ocean View Lot to the West of Arbutus Mountain

Inquire for further information – click to enlarge and really see the view!  This southwest facing view is over the Straight of Georgia with Hornby Island and the snow capped peaks of Vancouver Island in the distance.  The little islets on the right and bay in the middle is where the Lasqueti Island ferry docks (False Bay) about 3.5 KM from here.