Artisan Food

Farm Stays 2018

Stay on the farm, visit the animals and enjoy the surroundings.  This is a farm where cheesemaking, winemaking, wild fermentation, animal husbandry and sustainable bio-dynamic gardening are practiced.

Hazelnuts (Filberts) and the Edge Effect

Maturing hazelnuts at the end of August are still in their green ruffled bonnets. They give us a lot of pleasure at that time of year just to marvel at, and later provide tasty and healthy food. The brown hazelnuts are harvested in October when [...]

Cork & Bottle Closures

Portugal’s cork oak forests are part of an ancient Mediterranean ecosystem that has more than 13,000 native plant species.  Portugal has the largest cork oak forest area in the world.  The cork oak is its national tree and has been protected by law since the [...]